Dark Android Themed Swype Keyboards

These are beta versions of some various Swype keyboards that I themed. There are 2 red, 2 green, and 2 blue versions. The v1 of each has larger keys and letters than the other. If you try, please let me know what you think below.

* I am aware of the white text for OPT, SYM, etc… I have not been able to find where I can set the color and no one I have asked has been able to find it either. If I do find it, I will change it as well.

Install through bootstrap

Green v1
Green v2
Blue v1
Blue v2
Red v1
Red v2

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  • Scott says:

    Installed into Crystal X theme and kept getting the following message over and over: The application Swype (process com.swype.android.inputmethod) has stopped unexpectedly. IRT your question about the font, check with bignadad. He may have figured it out. “SYM” is white and “EN” is black on his Crystal X Swype keyboard.

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