Currently, I am maintaining three themes for RubiX, Tranquility, GummyJAR, and Liberty. They are all very similar, but one has green accents, one has blue accents, and the other has red accents.

The green theme is Dark Android and comes in multiple versions depending on what you prefer for Tranquility 3.6. You can choose which animations, lockscreen (clear/normal), and notification shade (tranparent/non-transparent). It is also available in the Tranquility toolbox, but only one version is available that way.Dark Android for Tranquility 3.7 is also now available from Dark Android Designs as well as in the Tranquility toolbox. The version in the toolbox is not a complete version so for the complete theme, please download and apply from one of the forum posts or here on Dark Android Designs. For Tranquility 3.7, Dark Android is also available in a update package that can be applied through the Tranquility toolbox.

Dark Android is also available for RubiX Focused 1.9.5, GummyJAR 2.5, and Liberty 1.0

Dark Android

For more information about Dark Android, click here.

The blue theme is Blue Droid and comes in RubiX 1.9.5, GummyJAR 2.5, and Tranquility 3.6 & 3.7 versions. There are not multiple versions for Tranquility like with Dark Android, but it is also available from within the Tranquility 3.6 & 3.7 toolbox.

Blue Droid

For more information about Blue Droid, click here .

The red theme is Red Droid and comes in RubiX 1.9.5 and GummyJAR 2.5 versions. It is my newest theme so has the least themed components and ROM support. I will be increasing support when time permits.

Blue Droid

For more information about Red Droid, click here .